Monday, January 6, 2014

Travels : London

I've been such a terrible blogger these past few months, I owe you big apologizes my dear readers ! I will make up for my lack of updates the best I can : I definitively have a lot of events to tell you about, coordinations to share and things to write about. So let's start in order, with some amazing places and events I went to during summer... I couldn't wait to tell you about my trip to London and my attendance at the now well-known Frock On !

On the sunny yet busy Friday 30th August 2013, I took the train with Alienor, Ludwig and Marie to London ! I must say it was my first time in this city and I was pretty excited to be there, though it was only for few days... I knew at least it would be an intense week-end. We woke up pretty early in order to be as early as possible in London — though I must say now we arrived too early... We were more tired than anything else, haha. We will definitely pick a later train next time ! 

We took the train so early I ended up doing my make-up in the train, I hadn't the time to do it before leaving (also we had a surprise birthday party for Ludwig the night before... busy schedule is busy, and tired Mila was tired). After hours in the train, subway, looking for the hotel and checking in we finally went for a walk around the city. The city was so calm and sunny, I must say it really does look like the city we can see through the movies (so many red and yellow bricks. everywhere). Noting that London has, obviously, the best street names ever we improvised a little photoshoot for Alienor and Ludwig, as their outfits matched well with the feeling of the place we were in. 

Soon in Men's VOGUE !

Wandering through the city, Zoé finally joined us in order to go to Vivienne Westwood. We couldn't not go the World's End, especially with Ludwig, Alienor and Zoé among us, big fan of Vivienne Westwood that they are ! The store is sooo far away from every subway stations I was wondering London people were enough brave to go there often, it was more of an epic journey than a relaxing walk, haha.

Finally arriving to the store, I wasn't really fond of anything — plus I wanted to wait Frock On in order to spend all my money, I didn't know what I could find there ! — but I must say it was quite an experience to go there. I may not have spent my money in Westwood, but our three fans bought some jewelries, t-shirts and brooches — that I don't even have pictures of, too bad 'cause they were very nice and cool. Making up for the lack of money spent in Westwood's jewelries, I ended up wanting a chocolate at Starbucks, luckily we had one near the shop. 

Kawaii as fuck in the tube
Kawaii as fuck in the stores
(I know you saw I messed up with my own name.)

Most of us had a free-schedule until tomorrow, but I wasn't one of them : I had to go to Frock On's venue for the fashion show rehearsal. Though I was pretty sad to leave my friends, I was also pretty excited to see the venue, meet some girls and try on the clothes I had to wear ! I had the chance to be picked as a model for Chérie Cerise and Millefleurs : both of the outfits were amazing, I can't wait to show you in my next post... 

I went to the rehearsal with Bloody (since she was also modeling) and Marie (because she is very kind). And I must admit it was quite an experience, haha ! We tried on the clothes that were already within the venue, did fashion show walking training, talked a lot with other girls and visited the venue — especially the restroom. Trust me when I say it was the most gorgeous restroom I've ever seen (Ladurée on Champs-Elysées' restroom aren't even that close). 

Annso being a perfect Olympia on the couch (yeah, still in the restroom)

It was quite a long but funny night, I can assure you that all the Tea Party Club staff was working hard ! More than just a fashion show rehearsal, it ended up as a real teamwork. Some packages weren't at the venue at time as we began ; at the end of the practice session, they finally arrived, ensuing a teamwork with all the girls attending to the rehearsal. Carrying up all the boxes full of clothes and accessories from the street to the venue was maybe one of my most memorable moment of my trip — well, take few seconds to picture about fifty lolitas carrying packages full of clothes through the three floors of a gorgeous venue. I must say I felt like a Santa's elf for few minutes. It was like receiving packages you will never have enough money to order.

After all those great adventures we got back to our friends, more exhausted than expected. It's that I walked all day long and rehearsals are more tiring than they seem to be ! I quickly eat with Marie — since all my lucky friends already eat at a Japanese restaurant ;w; — and went back to the hotel : a long night of sleep is needed before a daylong event (≚ᄌ≚)ƶƵ

I am wearing : Shirt : Ladurée x Uniqlo — Skirt : H&M — Cat ears : Taobao
Bag, socks and brooch : Angelic Pretty — Shoes : Secret Shop — Necklace : Chelsea

Thank you for reading ! And see you soon for my Frock On's report ! (^-^)


  1. You look like you had a lot fun! I love how you have worn the Laduree cat t-shirt (*^^*) I'm looking forward to your report on Frock On!

    (Also I noticed that some months ago, you left a very nice comment on my blog post 'Co-ordinate and Animal' I'm so sorry I didn't see it! So very late, thank you so much for your kind comment ♥)

    1. Thank you for your comment ♥ I must say I love those Uniqlo x Ladurée collaboration they are so cool~ I own 4 of them now xD

      (Don't worry, haha ! I also sometimes miss comments on my side too ;^;)

  2. Wow, this seems to be a lot of fun :) You guys are really lovely.
    Love to see you updating again.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, please keep watching Deer Alice (* >ω<)♥

  3. Tes postes m'ont manqué *je commente jamais mais je lis tout haha* !
    Londres à l'air d'être une ville super cool (rien que de voir un métro propre ...), j'aurais aimé être à ta place *_*
    Vivement le prochain article !

    1. Oooh ça me fait vraiment plaisir Clémentine !!
      Et oui vraiment c'est une super ville~ De ce que j'en ai eu, entre les londoniens gentils comme tout, la ville tranquille sans trop de danger, le métro propre, un vrai régal (du moins en tant que touriste :P). J'espère que tu auras l'occasion d'aller à Londres également <3

  4. I still wish I would've talked to you guys, because you all looked amazing ♥ Bu who knows, maybe some other time in the future!

    1. I also wished I've talked to you (;^;) I was so shy and all awwwing~ when I saw you I didn't know what to do. So I hope I will be able to see you soon !!

  5. Mila dear! You are looking so fabulous in the Laduree T! And those bathrooms are AMAZING! Hope you're doing well <3<3

    1. Thank you my dear Angela !! I hope you're doing well also~ Can't wait to see you again ♥

  6. London definitely has the most interesting street signs! Isn't this city great? There are a lot of great tourist spots, and some delectable food too! And you've taken such amazing pictures of your adventures in the city, which just shows how much fun you had. I hope you visit again!

    Shaun @ AARC Host Agency