Monday, October 6, 2014

Mon manège à moi

It's been months I wanted to have a photoshoot on a carrousel (let me live my life full of lolita clichés !).  Since I impulsively bought Cyrstal Dream Carnival in July, I thought it was indeed the perfect dress to finally do it~ Luckily, Marie was also pleased by the idea and agreed to help me getting this little dream of mine realized ♡

I took the opportunity of my still-holiday time and this photoshoot to die my hair purple, thinking that would be nice to immortalize my summer-hair before I go back to blonde (yay. blonde usually fits better for jobs and internships' applications, haha).

I've have talked already enough, please, enjoy the pictures ! The bonus pictures will come in few days~ I first thought I would add them here but well, I think Marie really deserves at least two posts for all the hard work she put in those photographs ♡ Also, don't forget to also check Marie's post about the photoshoot, we didn't post all the same pictures ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)

Cela faisait des mois que j'avais envie de faire un photoshoot sur un carrousel (ou plutôt des années — mais cette envie m'est réapparue récemment) et après mon achat impulsif de la Crystal Dream Carnival d'Angelic Pretty, je me suis dit que c'était justement l'occasion rêvée. Evidemment, toute cette séance photo n'aurait pas pu être réalisée sans l'aide de Marie (et d'Alienor, mais nous y reviendront dans les bonus) ♡

Comme certains ont pu le remarquer, j'ai profité de tout l'été pour me colorer les cheveux (rose, violet, …). Je suis plutôt contente d'avoir réussie à immortaliser ce moment avant de reprendre ma vie habituelle de jeune fille blonde (ce qui est plus pratique — nous allons l'avouer — pour chercher des stages ou des petits boulots). 

Mais assez parler ! J'espère que vous apprécierez les photos~ Je vous en réserve d'ailleurs encore quelques unes (carrément plus drôle) pour un prochain post bonus. N'oubliez pas également de passer sur l'article de Marie, nous n'avons pas posté exactement les mêmes photos ☆~(ゝ。∂)

See you soon for the bonus pictures ♡ They are way more fun than those one, I swear ☆~(ゝ。∂)

Monday, August 18, 2014

From London to Paris

Kyra and Dom went to Paris in order to celebrate Kyra's birthday, how great is that ? And what a romantic and sweet gift ♡ I haven't seen her since April so it was a good opportunity to meet her and enjoy the day in Paris. I was so hungry I totally forgot to take decent pictures in Ladurée, what a shame ! Our table was filled with sweet and delicious treats~~ After the brunch/tea time we went to Jardin des Tuileries and Louvre in order to take some pictures and hang around in one of the most beautiful place of Paris.

Two opposite understanding of "coordination' pictures !"

Oh my fluffy little thing ♡
I am wearing : Dress, bag, headbow : Angelic Pretty — Necklace : Q-pot
Blouse, socks, shoes : Btssb — Glasses : H&M

I really really wanted to wear my Angelic Pretty Pretty Girl pink coat : I've waited for so long to finally find it at a decent price ! But it seems it can't get enough cold to wear it... (Am I really saying that right now ? That is not cold enough ?...). Anyway, I still decided to wear to coordination I wanted to wear with that coat : sweet with a twist of classy style
~ I really can't stop wearing high heels with lolita : Btssb shoes are perfect for this ! The transparent socks and the vanity bag really helps in getting a madame style, don't you think ? And speaking of classy style...

Dom and Kyra are just so cute. Always. What a lovely couple ! Can I ship them ?

Kyra was just as beautiful and elegant as usual ! I love red/bordeaux colours on her and she is always wearing gold accents — which I do adore. Her coordination reminded me how much I needed those Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes : they are so delicated and perfect for lolita, in should buy them in nude and pink~

It was raining all week so we were a bit afraid of what would be happening but we were lucky enough to have a hot and sunny weather. So sunny that it seemed like all Paris was outside, sunbathing in Jardin des Tuileries~ All those people in the pictures' background ! Though the hotness and the crowd we enjoyed the day talking in Louvre and fantasizing about our future Lolita's School of Frilled Youngsters, some kind of mutant-lolita school established in Louvre musuem (doesn't it sound great ?). Lolita economy and prints classes, your inner sub-lolita style picked by the Sorting Hat and lolita ball at the end of the year. Doesn't it sound great ? My powers is being bald and in a wheelchair (basically : cosplaying Professor X), haha~ But no, really, if I had to choose I would go for telepathy or weather manipulation like Storm.

Welcome to the Lolita's School of Frilled Youngsters ! 
Obligatory tourist pictures

Didn't seem to but it was pretty windy sometimes. (need to learn about my weather manipulation powers)

Classy and lovely photographs are still my favourites, I couldn't help but put some of them in my article. I should print them and hang them around in my room, they make me feel so happy and joyful ! At the end of the afternoon, we discussed about lolita events and such (lolita events talks are important talks.) just before letting Kyra and Dom' go in order to spend another romantic evening in Paris ♡

See you soon my dear readers, so many posts are coming ! Can't wait to write everything down~

Friday, June 6, 2014

Cosmic in Paris

I've dreamt about it, I've fantasized about it, and now it's all mine : cosmic print is finally home !! I've known I wanted it since the first time I saw it on the KERA's scans and it was the first time I used a shopping service for lolita (was a great and thrilling experience though !). As soon as I received it, we went with Marie taking pictures in Paris : the magical girl and sailor feeling of this dress is inevitable, all we wanted was to do a photoshoot with Paris' bridges behind us. 

I always write a lot in my posts, so this time I will learn from my beloved one and just post pictures. Because there is nothing to say except I love her ♡ (and Cosmic serie.)

Marie is wearing : Blouse : Vintage — Skirt and hairbow : Angelic Pretty
Socks : offbrand — Shoes : Antaina — Rings : offbrand and Vivienne Westwood

I am wearing : Dress, bag, shoes and scrunchy : Angelic Pretty
Socks : Offbrand — Moon and stars hairclip : Chocomint

Hope you enjoyed those pictures, you can see more in Marie's blog post ´・ᴗ・`♡ 

I am so happy we finally were able to do this photoshoot, we've been planning it for a long time now ! And I feel we are both very happy about our new items~ I can't wait to get more matching dresses and skirts : surprisingly there are way more prints and series we both want than you could expect ☆~(ゝ。∂)

I'm so curious ! Do you love Cosmic print ? Did you manage to get it ? I've been struggling (well. my shopping service has been struggling) for getting Cosmic serie : lavender OP really wasn't my first choice but everything went off so fast ! I'm just a bit disappointed that two days after cosmic release Angelic Pretty announced a made-to-orde re-release... I wish I had enough money to order a second cosmic dress, one in my first choices~ I wish I could get the Sailor JSK or the OP in white or navy... So many possibilities and so little money... (╥_╥) But anyway, I am still very happy I was able to buy one in first place ! And let's not forget that...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dresses and prints I like the most

From left to right : Chess Chocolate, Angelic Pretty
Macaron print, Emily Temple Cute
Melty Chocolate, Angelic Pretty
1. Chocolate and biscuit prints
I think I just can't find words to tell you how much I'm in love with Chocolate and biscuit prints. Chocolate is one of my favourite food and it seems I don't only want it to end up in my stomach but also on my dresses (and accessories). Though it was quite though to find any chocolate/biscuit related dresses before 2009, Melty Chocolate and such started the new trend of Chocolate prints. Angelic Pretty seems now to release at least two or three chocolate/biscuit prints a year, that is not bothering me — at all. The famous (Melty) Royal Chocolate is now released every year, along with amazing prints such as Chess Chocolate, Rosette Chocolate, Musée du Chocolat... 

My personal favourites are really AP's and Emily Temple Cute's dresses. I'm not that interested into BtssB's ones (except some exceptions), maybe it's because I'm not fond of their prints in general anymore ? I love the vivid and clean prints of Angelic Pretty, I feel like Btssb's ones are a bit more messy and "dreamy" like — though it can be a good point, I don't think it's particularly matching a chocolate/biscuit print atmosphere. 

From left to right : La robe vert clair, Btssb
Scarlet Primavera Waltz Dress, Btssb
La robe de la Reine pour Midori, Btssb
2. Princess dresses
When I was a young lolita, I swore only by prints. I wanted prints, I wore prints, my dream dresses were only prints : I didn't even understand how girls could not like prints or could only like non-printed dresses. Between then and now I don't really know what happened to be honest. Maybe I just became a little more mature in my style and opinions ? A lot of my favorites dresses are now non-printed, though I'm still not big fan of colour block dresses (as old school could provide and is still providing). Princess dresses are something I wouldn't even glance at in my first years as lolita, but now... All I want is ruffles, lace, pastel colours and gold accents ! On the contrary of chocolate and biscuit prints it seems like I only enjoy BtssB princess-like dresses, either they are OPs or JSKs : they are so refined and elaborate.

From left to right : Drink me, Angelic Pretty
Fairy Marine, Angelic Pretty
Glass Doll, Angelic Pretty
3. Organza, chiffon and other transparent fabrics
Did I ever told you how glad I was that lolita brands have been using new fabrics in all their collections ? Chiffon, organza and all those pretty transparent fabrics are THE real new trend (and discovery) of the 2010's for lolita fashion ! It started with blouses and socks it's now taking the trend to a whole new level with all-organza dresses~ What a pleasure for me ! I love the magical-girl feeling of those dresses it's all so fluffy and dreamy either it's in solid block organza or a print on chiffon. Plus, it's perfect for spring and summer : two seasons I enjoy wearing lolita the most.

From left to right : Rabbit Party, Angelic Pretty
Sweetie Violet, Angelic Pretty
Fancy Paper Dolls, Angelic Pretty
4. Lavender colour 
From all the colours — except brown colourway for chocolate and biscuit prints — it seems that I can't have enough lavender dresses. I have a conflictual relationship with this colour : I hated it as much as I liked it for a long time but it seems that now it's pretty popular colour in lolita brands I just can only love it. I thought that it was a too childish and silly colour, even more than pink (though I've always loved pink), it only has been two or three years that I've begun to see it as a cute but refined colour. I feel like Angelic Pretty can release anything they want if there is a lavender colourway : it will for sure be my favorite. If some colours don't suit my skincolour and/or haircolour (for instance, I love white but not sure it would fit me that much), it seems lavender is one of those that suits me best — maybe that's just why I like it so much ?

From left to right : Dreamy Horoscope, Angelic Pretty
Cosmic, Angelic Pretty
Misty Sky, Angelic Pretty
5. Constellation and sky prints
I must admit I do not like all the constellation and sky prints (looking at you dream sky), but well... I do like many of them. One of my (shameful and unconfessed) dream dress is the BtssB's Hoshi no Namida Princess OP and I think my love for Constellation prints started with it in 2011. It's so big and impressive, it has the biggest waisties I've ever seen and even the waisties have little waisties on it (well, they are small ribbons, haha). The print is a more or less accurate star map, I really really like it this way — as Angelic Pretty did with Cosmic print also. It's a kind of pattern that I adore (I've even been considering to tattoo my back as a star map) but I also like the sky and cloud prints that Angelic Pretty can usually release. Dreamy Horoscope, Misty Sky are part of my favourite dresses as long as Star Money (Juliette & Justine), for instance~

Hoshi no Namida OP, Btssb

Curiously, while I was writing this post I just noticed that my ultimate dream dress do not match AT ALL, ANY of those five points. How is that even possible ?? I'm wondering too... But really if I had to choose one dress I think it might this one : the Sugary Carnival Special Edition for Sendai Shop. The shape, the print, the colour... I love everything about it !

Sugary Carnival special set, Angelic Pretty

What are the kind of prints, colours, fabrics do you like the most in lolita fashion ? 
Do you collect a special kind of dresses ? I know a lot of people collect velvet dresses or fawn prints ! 
Do you have an ultimate dream dress (if you could pick just one !) ? (*⌒∇⌒*)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tutoriel coiffure : Braided loops

Voici mon tout premier tutoriel~~ Deux autres devraient également arriver bientôt mais j'ai décidé de débuter avec celui-ci qui me semble l'un des plus faciles à réaliser. Si jamais vous n'y arrivez pas du premier coup, ne désespérez pas : après deux ou trois essais, vous comprendrez ce qui marche le mieux pour votre nature et/ou votre longueur de cheveux (*⌒∇⌒*) J'espère que vous apprécierez le tutoriel, n'hésitez pas également à m'indiquer mes erreurs ou ce que vous aimeriez voir comme amélioration (autant sur le fond que sur la forme)~ Merci à Marie Tuonetar pour ses photographies (et sa patience), c'est grâce à elles que je peux enfin vous proposer des tutoriels coiffures ♡ 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hairstyle tutorial : Braided loops

Here is finally my first tutorial~ Two other hair-style tutorials will come soon. This one is usually pretty easy once you've tried one or two times. I often do this hairstyle when wearing casual lolita or otome, it's a very cute style, especially with summer coming (*⌒∇⌒*) Hope you will like, please, forgive my mistakes, it's still my first tutorial. Thanks to Jo Anna and Ina for helping me with English translation ! And, of course, thank to Marie Tuonetar for being my lovely photographer on that busy day ! ♡

Friday, April 25, 2014

Event : Kawaii International filming for Enchanted

J'ai commencé mon report en vous parlant du brunch pré-Enchanted mais j'ai omis de vous faire part de nos merveilleuses aventures du vendredi ! Kawaii International s'étant intéressé de près à l'organisation d'Enchanted, ces derniers souhaitaient des prises de vues avant l'événement, montrant toute la team du Street Fashion Europe — ou du moins une grande partie de la team. L'occasion pour nous de nous réunir et discuter des derniers détails de coordination : bénévoles, tickets, positions des stands, goodies dans les sacs VIP, etc.

Tandis que certaines filles de l'équipe étaient allées à l'aéroport chercher et accompagner les invités d'honneur, j'ai décidé de profiter un peu de Londres, avant de me mettre concrètement au travail... Profiter est un grand mot : disons que je me suis baladée pour aller jusqu'au Starbucks, en compagnie de Marie et Lunie, où nous devions retrouver Isa, la représentante espagnole du Street Fashion Europe.

Marie and Lunie-chan
Isa on the left~ Sippy, sippy~
Picture by Lunie-chan
Après mon délicieux chocolat frappé de chez Starbucks (chose merveilleuse que nous n'avons PAS en France — je m'en vais pleurer dans un coin.), nous nous sommes dirigées vers le fameux lieu du tournage : l'hôtel qui allait également accueillir la Tea Party d'Enchanted, le dimanche même, Le Rubens Hotel ! Qui était également l'hôtel dans lequel s'était déroulé la Tea Party de Frock On en août dernier. Ca m'a fait plaisir de voir que l'équipe d'accueil était toujours aussi aimable~ Ils sont vraiment adorables, souriants et toujours curieux de connaître le lolita s'ils n'en ont jamais entendu parler (bien qu'il semblerait que la plupart d'entre eux connaissent finalement plutôt ça bien, à force de voir des Tea Party au Rubens Hotel, haha~). 

Photo by Lunie-chan

Grâce à la NHK nous avons même pu réserver un petit salon juste pour nous~ Je ne commenterai le bon goût de la décoration (oui. tout est léopard.), mais c'était un endroit très tranquille et parfait pour filmer ! Après avoir attendu quelques minutes les dernières filles : le tournage a enfin pu commencer dans la joie... Et un peu de stress quand même. 

Nous avons réglé beaucoup de derniers détails, pour les plannings, les tâches à réaliser, le programme, le placement des stands... Des tas de petites choses mine de rien très importantes et dont il est bien plus facile de parler en direct ! 

Kawaii International team !
Myself, hardworking, as usual

L'émission autour d'Enchanted va d'ailleurs bientôt être diffusée ! Les personnes qui ne pouvaient venir à l'événement vont enfin avoir l'occasion de voir à quoi Enchanted ressemblait et pour celles qui se demandaient quelle organisation était nécessaire pour démarrer, créer, mettre en place un event d'une telle envergure... Et bien vous pourrez surement nous voir débattre, courir, pleurer et nous rouler par terre ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ) (j'aime mettre des smileys psychopathes)

Pour regarder l'épisode de Kawaii International spécial Enchanted en streaming :
Il vous suffit d'aller sur

L'émission sera diffusé :
Le samedi 26 avril : à 17h10 et 23h10 
Dimanche 27 avril : à 05h10 et 11h10

1. Aller sur
2. Cliquez sur la fenêtre de streaming en haut à droite
3. La fenêtre de streaming va apparaitre !
Vous pouvez regarder l'émission en différentes qualités et également vérifier les émissions qui arrivent juste après

Maintenant que vous savez les horaires de diffusion et comment regarder l'émission, vous n'avez plus aucune excuse pour rater le prochain épisode de Kawaii International ! En plus, il y a quatre horaires de diffusion ☆~(ゝ。∂)Et pour terminer cet article, quelques photos de l'après-tournage~ Nous avons pris quelques minutes pour photographier certaines des tenues (malheureusement pas mal de filles étaient déjà parties : une soirée nous attendez le soir-même et pas mal sont rentrées se changer !)

Pictures by Marie Tuonetar 
Amazing Vief in her Little Pony uniform~
Pictures by Lunie-chan (actually, I was the one taking the picture of Lunie, does that count ? :P) 
Isa and Marie
I just love too much this photo, isn't my Marie so pretty ? ♡ (Picture by Lunie-chan)
Group picture before leaving~

Merci d'avoir lu ! Et je vous retrouve bientôt (sûrement après mes partiels) pour encore plus de posts,
autour d'Enchanted, mais également d'autres événements, et avec des surprises ( ^∇^)

♡ Enchanted 2014 : Part. III (coming soon...)