Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dresses and prints I like the most

From left to right : Chess Chocolate, Angelic Pretty
Macaron print, Emily Temple Cute
Melty Chocolate, Angelic Pretty
1. Chocolate and biscuit prints
I think I just can't find words to tell you how much I'm in love with Chocolate and biscuit prints. Chocolate is one of my favourite food and it seems I don't only want it to end up in my stomach but also on my dresses (and accessories). Though it was quite though to find any chocolate/biscuit related dresses before 2009, Melty Chocolate and such started the new trend of Chocolate prints. Angelic Pretty seems now to release at least two or three chocolate/biscuit prints a year, that is not bothering me — at all. The famous (Melty) Royal Chocolate is now released every year, along with amazing prints such as Chess Chocolate, Rosette Chocolate, Musée du Chocolat... 

My personal favourites are really AP's and Emily Temple Cute's dresses. I'm not that interested into BtssB's ones (except some exceptions), maybe it's because I'm not fond of their prints in general anymore ? I love the vivid and clean prints of Angelic Pretty, I feel like Btssb's ones are a bit more messy and "dreamy" like — though it can be a good point, I don't think it's particularly matching a chocolate/biscuit print atmosphere. 

From left to right : La robe vert clair, Btssb
Scarlet Primavera Waltz Dress, Btssb
La robe de la Reine pour Midori, Btssb
2. Princess dresses
When I was a young lolita, I swore only by prints. I wanted prints, I wore prints, my dream dresses were only prints : I didn't even understand how girls could not like prints or could only like non-printed dresses. Between then and now I don't really know what happened to be honest. Maybe I just became a little more mature in my style and opinions ? A lot of my favorites dresses are now non-printed, though I'm still not big fan of colour block dresses (as old school could provide and is still providing). Princess dresses are something I wouldn't even glance at in my first years as lolita, but now... All I want is ruffles, lace, pastel colours and gold accents ! On the contrary of chocolate and biscuit prints it seems like I only enjoy BtssB princess-like dresses, either they are OPs or JSKs : they are so refined and elaborate.

From left to right : Drink me, Angelic Pretty
Fairy Marine, Angelic Pretty
Glass Doll, Angelic Pretty
3. Organza, chiffon and other transparent fabrics
Did I ever told you how glad I was that lolita brands have been using new fabrics in all their collections ? Chiffon, organza and all those pretty transparent fabrics are THE real new trend (and discovery) of the 2010's for lolita fashion ! It started with blouses and socks it's now taking the trend to a whole new level with all-organza dresses~ What a pleasure for me ! I love the magical-girl feeling of those dresses it's all so fluffy and dreamy either it's in solid block organza or a print on chiffon. Plus, it's perfect for spring and summer : two seasons I enjoy wearing lolita the most.

From left to right : Rabbit Party, Angelic Pretty
Sweetie Violet, Angelic Pretty
Fancy Paper Dolls, Angelic Pretty
4. Lavender colour 
From all the colours — except brown colourway for chocolate and biscuit prints — it seems that I can't have enough lavender dresses. I have a conflictual relationship with this colour : I hated it as much as I liked it for a long time but it seems that now it's pretty popular colour in lolita brands I just can only love it. I thought that it was a too childish and silly colour, even more than pink (though I've always loved pink), it only has been two or three years that I've begun to see it as a cute but refined colour. I feel like Angelic Pretty can release anything they want if there is a lavender colourway : it will for sure be my favorite. If some colours don't suit my skincolour and/or haircolour (for instance, I love white but not sure it would fit me that much), it seems lavender is one of those that suits me best — maybe that's just why I like it so much ?

From left to right : Dreamy Horoscope, Angelic Pretty
Cosmic, Angelic Pretty
Misty Sky, Angelic Pretty
5. Constellation and sky prints
I must admit I do not like all the constellation and sky prints (looking at you dream sky), but well... I do like many of them. One of my (shameful and unconfessed) dream dress is the BtssB's Hoshi no Namida Princess OP and I think my love for Constellation prints started with it in 2011. It's so big and impressive, it has the biggest waisties I've ever seen and even the waisties have little waisties on it (well, they are small ribbons, haha). The print is a more or less accurate star map, I really really like it this way — as Angelic Pretty did with Cosmic print also. It's a kind of pattern that I adore (I've even been considering to tattoo my back as a star map) but I also like the sky and cloud prints that Angelic Pretty can usually release. Dreamy Horoscope, Misty Sky are part of my favourite dresses as long as Star Money (Juliette & Justine), for instance~

Hoshi no Namida OP, Btssb

Curiously, while I was writing this post I just noticed that my ultimate dream dress do not match AT ALL, ANY of those five points. How is that even possible ?? I'm wondering too... But really if I had to choose one dress I think it might this one : the Sugary Carnival Special Edition for Sendai Shop. The shape, the print, the colour... I love everything about it !

Sugary Carnival special set, Angelic Pretty

What are the kind of prints, colours, fabrics do you like the most in lolita fashion ? 
Do you collect a special kind of dresses ? I know a lot of people collect velvet dresses or fawn prints ! 
Do you have an ultimate dream dress (if you could pick just one !) ? (*⌒∇⌒*)


  1. Oh my goodness, I feel like we have the exact same taste!! I have Cosmic and Misty Sky--I am a total sucker for sky and star prints because my dogs were named for both, and I love them dearly.

    I also really adore chiffon and organza, and my favourite colour is lavender!! =D I totally love all the trends right now in lolita. I can't wait to see what is released in the future~

    1. I always watch your outfits and I'm not surprised we have a lot of taste in common~~ I do adore your outfits with all those chiffon, organza and sailor collars *^*

      I really hope for more and more cute magical-girl like from Angelic Pretty and more and more delicate dresses from Btssb~~

    2. Oh wow, thank you thank you! *A* I'm glad you like them! I adore your outfits as well~

      I agree~ I would love to see an official Sailor Moon collaboration with some of the brands, considering the anime is getting a revival. I really wish I liked more of the Disney collaboration stuff--the only thing I really liked was Meta's Daisy Duck sailor OP. ;A; I love mixing the things I love with my fashion, so I hope for more collaborations.

  2. Ahh the internet ate my comment! In any case, as usual you have such excellent taste! Lavender and chiffon are just dreamy~ ♥

    I wonder if it would be okay for me to write a similar post? It seems like such a fun topic to explore!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment ♥

      Of course it's ok !! I bet I'm not the first one doing this kind of post, and I would like to read wears so much *^* Please, do so~~

    2. Thank you so much! It was much more difficult than I thought (apparently I am a little indecisive .. I could not decide on an ultimate dream dress ><) but I have completed it, if you'd like to read it *^*


  3. I agree with EVERYTHING! But then... I love almost everything... So it's not really fair. ^^'

  4. Hello dear! I wish you the best luck in searching for your dream items! There's a special SC up on mbok at the moment but it's SO expensive! :( I think you have good taste, there's a few on your list that I'm looking for too ;)