Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tea Party : BtssB Summer 2013

Surely one of my most long-awaited event... The BtssB Summer Tea Party ! That was the first time I could attempt to a Summer Tea Party and I was especially glad I could spend that dream come true with my dear friends ♡ The Tea Party was a great occasion to spend some time with great friends, but also to meet some other people ! Especially foreigner lolitas, that came from all over Europe~

My friends and I met not so far away from my flat, in order to take the subway all together. That was some kind of epic, haha, fabulous from head to toe, it's kind of difficult to be subtle dressed like we were... We eat at McDonald's because that's so classy, but that's some kind of tradition now. The Tea Party official began at 2PM, however there were already a lot of lolitas waiting in front of the hotel as we decided to finally go there. I wish I took more pictures outside, but I was too busy running to Rosalynn and Emilie : I couldn't wait to finally meet them ! Since I've always been a big fan of Rosalynn's blog and Emilie's coordinations, that was a great honor to meet them and spend some time with them throughout the Tea Party. 

Ludo, Pom' and Marie, showing us their most amazing pose

When the doors of the Tea Party officially opened, I was glad to see that the tables were for nine people : this way we could all sit on the same table  (I was afraid we had to separate ;__;). Our lovely table was composed by : Marie, Pom', Lucie, Zoé, Ludo, Sam, Shimi, Aliénor and I ! Though I finally didn't sit a lot... haha ! Talking and laughing with people was way better than sitting~ Before talking about the following hours, I just wanted to share with you some of the amazing coords I saw and the amazing people I met !

Left : Pom' presenting Champagne
Right : Zoé and Ludo presenting, well... water...
Rosalynn in her oh-so-cute ballerina coordination ♡
Left : Two gorgeous lolitas from Germany !
Right : Emilie, Rosalynn and I, I'm so glad we've a picture together.
All those beautiful ladies were from Germany (well, except myself).
Diep was as elegant as always : I was so happy to meet her again !!
Weren't they all so amazing ? I was amazed to see so many people so well-dressed, I think everybody wore an unique and beautiful outfit for the occasion. I wore myself a coordination I was thinking about for a long time ! I should have worn this dress for the Winter Tea Party, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately ?), I didn't receive in time for the February event. I wanted to celebrate my first Summer Tea Party with something special : an handmade scepter ! I went for a magical-queen coordination, full pink (and Btssb) from head to toe (with some touches of gold). I spent hours making the scepter, it was sooo tiring but it was worth it, I was pretty happy with the result.

I am wearing : Dress, blouse, bag, anklecuffs and shoes : Baby the stars shine bright
Train (not shown) and scepter : Handmade — Socks and tiara : Offbrand

As the Tea Party was going on, it was too hot to stay in the same room. Therefore some of us spend some times in the corridor while we were... well... camwhoring and having fun ? Haha ! But I guess those pictures will bring a lot of memories later, there are the funniest and the most significant. 

 The end of the Tea Party coming, Btssb's staff invited us to sit down again : lottery and best coordination prizes were coming ! As for the Winter Tea Party, ten lottery prizes and two best coordination prize (one for Btssb coordination and one for Aatp's one) were given away. I really was never lucky for lottery however I guess can thank all people that voted for me... I was elected for the best Btssb coordination ! (ж>▽<) ☆ Lucie and her peacock-themed coordination was elected as the best AatP coordination, she really deserved it ! I don't remember which person I picked as my favorite coordinations, but regarding all the pictures I saw of this event, I think I would now pick Ludo or the German lolita in Masquerade Theater for Aatp prize and Harly Harlekin or Sam Fancymelody for Btssb prize. 

I made a lot of great memories during this afternoon, met amazing people, saw gorgeous coordination. Though it was exhausting to made this scepter and my train (it doesn't really show on the picture, but I had one, haha~), I really don't regret it at all. It was the first time I put so much of myself and of my time into a coordination : It was great, and it was worth it. I now can't wait to attend to the next Winter Tea Party ! But I guess we will have to wait until February 2014...

Last but not least, the last pictures I wanted to share with you. I'm sorry my report are always so long, I can't help but add all those fancy pictures in order to illustrate my posts, haha~ Still hope some of you enjoyed it ! 

Finally a picture of all the people I spent most of my time with during this Tea Party,
(from left to right) : Sam, Lucie, Pom', Ludo, Marie, Aliénor, myself, Shimi and Zoé.

See you soon for the "Saturday at Japan Expo" report ! (⌒▽⌒)☆

(some pictures belong to Marie Tuonetar and Paris BtssB)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Shooting of Kawaii International

Last thursday was a very special day ! Can you guess where and who was I with ? 
Maybe with some clues...

Whose glove is this ?

Whose shoes are those ?...

I hope you guessed right ! 
I had the unique, amazing and unforgettable chance to be the Parisian guide for Minori !

On the occasion of Kawaii International ('s venue to Japan Expo, they shot Minori all around emblematic places of Paris : what a great idea, isn't it ? I was, for this day, her guide through the most fashionable district of Paris : le Marais. This place is filled with open-minded people, and gorgeous shops. I guess that was the right place for Minori, don't you think so ?

Minori was wearing one of her fabulous handmade outfit !

We first went to some vintage or freelance stylists' shop. Le Marais is full of high parisian brand's shops, but we can also find some nice little stores with handmade and unique creations ! Those kind of stores really suit to Minori's style. I had to select some shops in order to show them to Minori ! I'm glad she did like the stores I chose. I guess you will soon see the stores in full detail and the reaction of the shop staffs to Minori in the new episode of Kawaii International. How do you think shop staffs reacted ? Haha~

What did Minori ask for ? A tea ! I guess only tea can match perfectly with her "monshiro-jyo" style.

Filming can be so tiring ! haha~ So, we had a break in a lovely area and took this opportunity to shoot Minori in a very French-like café and beautiful surroundings. I bet the international viewers will like it a lot. Last but not least, we also went to le Pic de l'île de la Cité, which is a beautiful park in the very extreme point of one of the Island on the Seine (the same island where Notre-Dame is). We had a little picnic with macarons. How French is it ! Haha. 

I now can't say more about this secret shooting in Paris, but don't worry there are also other few surprises left in the show. Will you watch it ? I hope so ! Minori will be as fabulous as usual and I... I will just be me (what's this even supposed to mean ?...). I hope I won't be too silly on screen (^-^)". I really spent an excellent day with all the team, I'm sure you won't be disappointed by the show, they did an amazing job for you all !

This is now time to go, there are few pictures left, I hope you will enjoy it.

Was Minori able to spread her style in Paris ?... 
You will see soon in another Kawaii International episode~

Please, look forward to watching this special episode in Paris ! 

This special episode will be aired on August 31st !
Keep supporting Kawaii.i

Thanks to Kawaii International's staff, Kawaii International's producer, 
Minori, her lovely friend Ran, the director and his assistant.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Le Piano dans le ciel

Hi lovely readers ! How are you ? I've been so busy with the lolita events. However it was an amazing week, everything went so fast and so nice, I wish it could last a little longer (though my tiredness was hardly bearable after the last day). A lot of posts will coming soon ! I can't wait to show you everything, I hope you will enjoy my articles as much as I enjoyed being there. 

To begin with I share with you some picture of my thursday's coordination. I really wanted to wear (again) my Misty Sky JSK, I really can't get enough of it... But I also wanted to add so sweet and cute elements, in order to create something very Angelic Pretty-like. A cute bag and a matching necklace, some tea parties on my feet and a bow in my hair, that was what I needed !

Comment allez-vous ?~ J'ai été si occupée entre le stage et les events lolita, mais je reviens, pour votre plus grand plaisir (et plus forte que jamais = a.k.a. avec un nouvel appareil photo). Les events étaient juste géniaux ! J'aurais bien aimé que cela dure un peu plus longtemps encore (même s'il ne faut pas se leurrer, mon corps n'aurait pas tenu 2 jours de plus avec aussi peu de sommeil, haha~).

En attendant le tri, le recadrage et la retouche de mes photos (ce qui prend du temps, mine de rien), je partage avec vous ma tenue de jeudi dernier. Je sais que je porte la Misty Sky presque une fois sur deux, mais cette robe est si belle, je ne peux pas m'en empêcher. 

I am wearing : Dress, bow ang bag : Angelic Pretty — Blouse and cuffs : Baby the stars shine bright
Shoes : Offbrand  — Thigh highs : Oysho — Necklace : Offbrand

At the end of the day, in front of the Kawaii Café with Marie, Aliénor and Ludovic
As you can see, I changed my hair color ! What do you think of it ? A talented friend, Mathilde, did it for me. She did some hair stylist studies and her own hair was always so amazing that I could only ask her. She did a better job than any of the hairdressing salons I went to (and it's been now more than a week that I did it, added with several hair washings) ! If, by the way, you're living in Paris (or near Paris) and you need some help with a hair color you've always wanted, I can put you in touch with Mathilde.

That Thursday was maybe exhausting but still an amazing and unforgettable day ! Can you guess why ?... Let's have some clues : I was with someone very special ! Sharing an unique experience ! I guess you all know that "someone"~ If you have any idea of what I did or who I was with, share it with a comment. The answer will come soon...  

Whose glove could it be ?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Events 2013

Les évènements de juillet arrivent à grand pas, oui bon, autant dire qu'ils commencent demain. Je dois bien avouer qu'il y a cette hâte grandissante en moi que je ne saurais cacher : après tout, c'est la première fois que je peux assister à tous ces events. Première Tea Party d'été, première Japan Expo, première Convention Lolita, les cinq jours qui suivent s'annoncent hauts en couleur, et surtout, avec très peu de sommeil. Je suis actuellement en stage mais j'ai réussi à négocier mon jeudi, vendredi et samedi tout en étant disponible le lundi (puisque la galerie où je travaille est fermée — notez que j'ai réellement trouvé un stage, quel talent.).

Ainsi mes dernières semaines n'ont pas été très passionnantes, à moins que l'envoie de mails professionnels, la comptabilité des dépenses et l'accrochage des oeuvres ne déclenchent en vous un intérêt subit ? Je compte toutefois me rattraper grandement lors de cette semaine de juillet à la fois merveilleuse et stressante.

Planning prévu :
(Si vous me trouvez du temps pour dormir, n'hésitez pas à faire partager vos solutions ;__;)

 Jeudi :

○ Journée au planning secret. (mouhaha. Ca commence bien.)
Mais ne vous en faites pas, je pourrais sûrement bientôt plus vous en dévoiler.
○ Passage au Kawaii Café à 20heures.
Parce que je suis une warrior à que je n'ai peur de rien. Même pas de la foule qu'il y aura.

 Vendredi :

Tea Party Btssb.
Ma coordination est d'ailleurs finie à... je dirais... 98%.
Petite after-Tea Party.
Faut pas déconner non plus, c'est essentiel.

 Samedi :

○ Japan Expo.
Quelques passages aux stands qui m'intéressent, rencontres de nouvelles personnes
et sinon ce sera errance au milieu des corps transpirants.
Le soir, "Twice Upon a Time", la soirée de lancement de la nouvelle collection de Clara Maeda. 
Où je vais revoir mes chères et tendres Léonie et Diana, j'ai hâte !

 Dimanche :

○ Je me pose de bon matin devant le Bataclan, pour le concert de Perfume.
Une journée sous le signe de la patience et du wota.

 Lundi :

○ Arrivée de bon matin à la Convention Lolita.
J'y serai à la fois pour visiter, rencontrer de nouvelles personnes,
défiler et quelques autres surprises encore~
○ Une nouvelle soirée after-events.
Pour péter un coup et se noyer dans la vodka et les rires.

En attendant je suis tout de même sortie samedi dernier, pour aller à une soirée lolita spécialement organisée par la boutique Voriagh. Une nouvelle découverte pour moi, il semblerait pourtant que la marqué ait vu le jour il y a quelques années déjà ! Je vous conseille d'y faire un tour, sur le website ou à la boutique parisienne, c'est un régal pour les yeux.

Je n'ai pas pu faire de photos, malheureusement, je n'avais pas encore mon appareil (que j'ai acheté ce matin, fufufu ) mais vous pouvez faire un tour sur leur album Facebook (où vous pourrez voir que j'étais bel et bien la seule non vêtue de noir). Du coup, j'ai tout de même tenu à porter du lolita pour l'occasion — ou de l'otome si vous préférez, mais ce n'est pas l'heure de chipoter. Merci (toujours et) encore à Marie pour les photos 

I am wearing : Béret : Offbrand — Brooch : Angelic Pretty— Blouse : Zara
Dress : Emily Temple Cute  — Bag : Offbrand — Socks : Offbrand — Shoes : Offbrand

July's events are coming soon ! I can't believe I can finally be there for Japan Expo, Tea Parties, Convention Lolita. I've been wishing I could be there for five years now~ My planning is so busy, I feel that I won't even have time to rest, haha (^-^)

I'm sorry I haven't been able to post a lot those past few weeks. I've found an internship so I've been pretty busy ! And I'm sure you wouldn't be very interested in blog posts about professional emails, accountancy or exhibition setups. However, here is my schedule for July's events. I wonder if there will be any foreigner lolitas this year ? I hope so ! If any of you come to Paris, let me know  

 Thursday :

Secret plans
Muhahaha. How fancy it is to say something like this,
but I will let you know as soon as I can.
○ Going to Kawaii Café a 8PM.
There will be a lot of people. I mean it'll surely be crowded. But I'm also a warrior.

 Friday :

○ Btssb's Tea Party.
My outfit will soon be finished. I hope so. (maybe tonight ?...)
○ After Tea-Party.
It's really needed after a Tea Party !

 Saturday :

○ Japan Expo.
I will surely be between some fashion booth and Kawaii International booth~
 In the evening,  "Twice Upon a Time", launch event for Clara Maeda's new collection.

 Sunday :

○ PERFUME's concert ! 
I will be queuing at the Bataclan since the morning, surrounded by patience and wota.

 Monday :

○ Early arrival at Convention Lolita.
The first time I will be able to go, can't wait to see all the booths !
I will also fo the fashion show.
○ In the evening : After-event's party. Again.
The party we all need, with friends, vodka and laughs. 

See ya~ If you're coming to Paris, please let me know !