Sunday, January 27, 2013

2 days in Paris : with Marie (part. 2)

Two weeks after our first meet in Paris, I met again Marie. We firstly went to the Marché Saint-Pierre, in order to buy some fabrics for her new creations. Then we spent the afternoon between Princesse Crêpe and Manga Café V.2. Princesse Crêpe is such a great place ! I bet a lot of lolitas love this crêpe-shop, and I swear they do very delicious crêpes for a cheap price — well, at least the crêpes are fancier and cheaper than in Parisian cafés or crêpe-shop.

Marie is wearing : Dress : BtssB — Blouse : Second-hand — Jacket : Second-hand
Headdress : BtssB — Bag : Angelic Pretty — Shoes : Offbrand

In the late aftertoon, we went to the Manga Café V.2 because we wanted to do some purikura, unhappily the purikura machine was broken ! What a shame... But we still had a good moment, we bought some onigiri and sit on the couch, chit-chatting and laughing. Being in the Manga Café brought back some memories, I read a lot of manga when I was child — well, a teenager. I used to spend a lot of time in a place like this one (in my hometown) and this is where I found some of dearest friends. I'm not as attract as before in manga and anime (even if I've never been that much into anime), I guess we all found new passions and tastes. Though, since I'm a big fan of Sailor Moon, I still bought the re-edition of the manga, with the all new covers and translation (they are so beautiful !), I need to keep buying them, and also purchase the Sailor V's re-editions.

Before the end of the day, we did a little kind-of-photoshoot. Marie is very talented when it comes to take pictures, she has a very « idol-ish » style, that's very cute ! She shared great tips with me in order to take cuter photographs. Her outfit was so cute, wasn't it ? I'm so in love with her hairstyle and the headdress. When I first saw this headdress years ago in BtssB Paris shop, I thought I didn't like it, but Marie put it on very well and brightly !

We wanted to twin with the BtssB's Alice's Ribbon Kingdom print, however my own dress was in the washing basket. So I finally chose my Angelic Pretty jacket for a purple-white-and-black outfit ! My coordination was more in a cute-otome style, and that MILK dress is perfect for a cute but discrete look.

We spent all the afternoon together but then she had to come back to her sister's house. She had to leave Paris a few days later and go back to her home town — because her internship was over. I can't wait to see her again ! Our schedule are both busy, and we now live so far from each other... I guess we are lacking a bit of money and time, haha. She put a lot of her time into modeling, she dreams of becoming a lolita model, I bet she can do it ! If you want to see more about her, go to her Facebook page.

Mila is wearing : Dress : MILK — Blouse : BtssB — Jacket : Angelic Pretty — Boots : Bata
Headdress : BtssB — Bag : Disney — Fur colar : H&M — Accessories : H&M + Angelic Pretty — Socks : Moa

Monday, January 14, 2013

2 days in Paris : with Marie (part. 1)

Être à Paris est un véritable plaisir. Vous avez beau venir de loin, la capitale reste un lieu où toutes — ou du moins de nombreuses — lolitas se croisent et se rejoignent. A l'occasion de sa venue sur Paris, pour un stage de quelques semaines, j'ai ainsi pu passer deux jours avec Marie que je n'avais pas vu depuis presque un an ! (Nous nous étions vues lors de la Japan Expo Sud en mars 2012, puis à l'occasion de la Tea Party d'anniversaire chez Iris en avril).

Puisque certaines patinoires de la ville de Paris étaient encore ouvertes lors de notre premier après-midi ensemble, nous en avons profité pour exercer nos talents de patineuses. (Malheureusement la patinoire du Grand Palais était déjà fermée, j'aurais pourtant adoré la faire ! Mais je n'ai trouvé personne pour y aller avec moi à temps...).

Being in Paris is a real pleasure, it's a place where you can meet a lot of lolitas. Since Marie has been in Paris for a few weeks, I've finally met again her again, we spent two afternoon together ! It was a long time... Last time I saw her it was during march and april 2012.

We went skating on one of the Parisian skating rink still opened. I wish we could go to the "Grand Palais" skating rink, unfortunately it was already close before we met... 

Après de nombreux fous rires sur la glace, nous avons pris les directions des friperies pour faire quelques achats. Marie et son oeil de lynx ont trouvé des chemises et des robes dans un style très otome, parfait pour le retour du printemps et l'été ! Elle a un véritable talent de fouineuse, ce que je n'ai absolument pas lorsque cela concerne les friperies. J'ai pourtant cette fois-ci eu la chance de trouver une robe noire et dorée assez sympathique, que je vous montrerai sûrement dans un prochain post. 

Nos pieds nous criant de se poser et le temps commençant à se gâter, nous avons finalement pris le chemin de Ladurée pour y passer la fin de la journée. Une tarte tatin pour Marie et l'éternel carré chocolat pour moi, nous voila confortablement assises pour discuter de tout et de rien. Ce fut un dimanche après-midi très agréable en sa compagnie, si vous saviez tout ce qu'elle a fait lors de son stage de couture, ça avait l'air absolument génial ! Et les quelques photos que j'ai eu l'occasion de voir vous mettrez des paillettes dans les yeux.

La tenue de Marie était adorable, j'ai particulièrement adoré sa robe, trouvée en friperie, et sa broche en forme de petit sablé ! Je n'ai malheureusement aucune photo correcte en pied de ma propre tenue, donc pas de post sur lookbook non plus... Il faudra que je retrouve une occasion de porter cette coordination (quand il fera un peu plus chaud, ça sera plus agréable ainsi).

After a lot of laughs on the skating rink, we went to second-hand clothes shops for a bit of shopping ! Marie really has an eagle eye for nice second-hand clothes, I was so impressed, I usually can't do the same... She found cute blouses and dresses for spring and summer. But happily I finally found a pretty nice black and gold dress, it can be a nice gothic lolita inspiration (I'll show you in another post). 

At the end of the day, our feet were hurting and the weather was clouding so we went to Ladurée in order to spend to rest of the day in a warm and lovely place. Marie chose a tarte tatin and I chose my now usual carré chocolat. It really was a great sunday afternoon, we talked about her internship in Paris, you should have seen the pictures she showed me ! It must be nice to work in a maison de haute-couture. 

Marie was wearing an adorable second-hand dress and her biscuit-brooch was too cute ! Unfortunately I don't have a good photographs of my own coordination, so I also couldn't post it on Lookbook... I will try to wear it again when the weather will be a little bit hotter. 

Dress : Angelic Pretty — Blouse : Btssb — Hair accessory : Angelic Pretty
Bag : Furla — Socks : Moa — Shoes : Monoprix.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

« Deer alice, it could be Dear but really she is a deer. »

Photo par Marie Tuonetar, un grand merci à elle.
I'm a new blogger without a decent camera (I'm working on it). Born and raised in Nîmes, France ; currently living in Paris (la mode la mode la mode). I don't have any pet in my new flat, but I have a roommate — and friends. I'm kinda in love with everything fluffy, glittering, pink and cute. I'm studying « le chômage culturel » (or médiation culturelle, at Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle), secretly hoping to work in the museum and fashion world.

I'm a lolita and a japanese fashions' fan. I've been into those frills since 2008. I swear by MILK, Baby the stars shine bright, Emily Temple Cute, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and Angelic Pretty. I can't help it, ribbons, ruffles and laces hopelessly attract me. I'm also deeply fangirling over Midori Fukasawa and Akira. I wish I could spend my time between Ladurée (for the pastries) and Kawaii Café (for the cocktails). 

I don't know what I'm doing with my blog, but I swear I will do my best. I'll post what I like, what I want to share : about fashion, about events, about Japanese pop culture, about arts, about, you know, stuffs.

Je touche un peu à tout car je ne sais rien faire très bien. 
I'm doing a bit of everything because I can't perfectly do a thing.