Saturday, August 17, 2013

Convention : Japan Expo 2013 (Part II)

Japan Expo is a wonderful way to meet new people ! 
I couldn't wait anymore to write this second part of my first Japan Expo's report. Let's go back to Lunieshop's booth, I told you I couldn't resist to buy something... It was love at first sight with that amazing Bara Hime's hat ! I told myself, before going to July's events, that I shouldn't spend a cent in goods or clothes and I really kept my promise, except for that hat. Just look at it, isn't it the epitome of cuteness ? I really don't regret it at all, and I can't wait to wear it again ! (I was glad Lunieshop's booth took credit card, I had no cash with me). 

Left : I think Marie captured the exact moment I put the hat on my head — and fell in love with it.
Right : And this hat really needed a bunny face picture !

Beside, the Lunieshop's booth itself, it was indeed a great place to meet other lolitas ! I was very glad to meet Libellule and Saina. I've been knowing Libellule since my first steps in lolita fashion, she inspired me for so long during my first years. They both were so cheerful and kind, a real pleasure ! I loved their outfits : they were matching with bear-and-chocolate coordinations and in pink, cream and brown. Adorable, isn't it ? My own outfit also matched pretty well with them, haha~ Too bad we couldn't talk a lot but I was happy to know I would get to meet them again at Convention Lolita on Monday. 

Right : All the pictures we took together are great, I love Saina and Libellule's poses and smiles ♡
Left : We also met Ataxie, I couldn't talk to her a lot but I love her blog and style !
Saina, Lou and I, I love this picture too. Lou's coordination was so nice ♡

I am wearing : Dress and socks : Angelic Pretty — Blouse : Vintage — Hat : Bara Hime
Bag : Offbrand — Accessories : Q-pot and Angelic Pretty — Shoes : AatP 

As we were waiting for the Masuda Sebastian's talk to begin, I asked Marie to take some picture of my outfit with my new hat. How does it look ? Do you like it ?~ I was happy that the bunny hat matched completely with the coordination I was wearing. I may need some other bunny accessories in the future, I guess the bunny feeling is growing well on me. We also took some selcas, shamelessly seated on the ground (just being in Japan Expo is something tiring, walking, talking, taking picture and having fun is beyond human's strength). 

How cute my darling is, let me stare at her forever 
As I wasn't able to assist at the first Masuda Sebastian's conference about Kawaii phenomenom on thursday, I was pretty happy to be present on his apparition on Kawaii International's booth ! This small talk wasn't the same as thursday's one, but it was great to learn more about himself and his brand. We could even ask some questions ! I admire Masuda Sebastian in the amount of work he had to provide in order to be as popular as he is now. I feel like I like him more as an artistic director (on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, on Kawaii International's usual shooting scene and Kawaii International's booth at Japan Expo) than as a designer for 6%DOKIDOKI. I may like 6%DOKIDOKI (though I do not own anything from the brand), but I really do adore the scene, the feeling he can create and the work he's providing through Kyary. 

That was a great small talk to assist at ! I wish it could have been a bit more about Kawaii phenomenon, but I guess I felt this way because I was still sad that I couldn't attend to the first conference, haha~ At the end of the conference, we took a group photograph, which was uploaded of 6%DOKIDOKI's Facebook. How great ! Plus, they asked us to play with the camera, doing 10 cute poses in a row (the harder than it sounds, haha~), maybe for the next episode of Kawaii International ? Who knows ?~ Several girls played the game, as Kitch or Pom', I also had a try ! Kitch was so good at posing and her coordination was amazing, I feel she could be an awesome model for 6%DOKIDOKI. I was glad I could meet and talk with her at Kawaii International's booth. I think she's a really kind and funny girl, she had to escape quickly in order to go back to Lunieshop's booth, so I wish I will be able to meet her again soon. 

Courtesy 6%DOKIDOKI's Facebook page
Marie (Zannou) and I. Courtesy Kawaii International's producer

Last but not least, once the Masuda Sebastian and 6%DOKIDOKI's interventions were concluded I run again to the Jeune Créateurs' side. Not to join Lunieshop's booth but to meet for the first time the designers of the brand I've been fantasying for month ! I didn't even know they were going to Japan Expo, Marie told me as soon as she saw the booth, earlier on that day. I knew them through Lookbook and couldn't stop staring at their beautiful clothes, but also the amazing and unique atmosphere of their brand. Let me introduce you to the cheerful and lovely team of... Neb aaran do ! ("Neverland" pronounced and written in the Japanese way)

I felt like they were really glad to meet someone who already knew them ? Jammy, the artistic director, seemed so surprised but very happy that I get to know them through Lookbook (that was a good way to advertise the brand !)

Left to the right : Eily (designer), Yuki (model), French translator and (Jammy) artistic director of Neb aaran do
The Round Pond Hat is really my favorite Neb aaran do's hat ♡ 

I could talk during hours of this brand ! I really felt like I was going to cry when I realised I couldn't buy a single item (I really could spend anymore money...).  I've been dreaming of purchasing from them and now all those kind girls were in front of me I couldn't support them by buying a single thing from Neb aaran do. I wish they could understand how much I love their brand, they can be really glad of their hard work. It's been a long time I didn't see an indie brand with such an unique, creative and inspiring setting and atmosphere ! You should really have a look at their Loobook and their webshop.

End up meeting Neb aaran do's team, my first Japan Expo was clearly amazing ! I was afraid from what I've heard from people, about the crowd, about the heat, about the atmosphere, but those people really never did a Tea Party ! Haha~ My condition is clearly worse after getting back from a Tea Party. At the end of the day I felt like I hadn't done 10% of what I could do in Japan Expo. The meetings were so quick and I wish I could take a lot more time to talk with people. I've even seen people I didn't go to meet or talk to but wished to ! About the Japan Expo itself, I think we were lucky to have so many cute and fashionable booths, maybe kawaii and japanese fashion can grow back to Japan Expo ? I hope so ! 

I can now conclude this Japan Expo's report with some cute purikuras I did throughout the day ! First ones with Marie and Ludo, and second ones adding Aelin and Pom'. Doing purikura is also so much fun, and it was great to get to talk more with Pom' and Aelin (she was working hard at purikura's booth !). 

Hope you liked it ! *(*´∀`*)☆
See you soon for the Perfume's concert and Convention Lolita's report !

Thanks to Marie, she kindly let me use some of her pictures

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Convention : Japan Expo 2013 (Part I)

Saturday, July 6th 2013, I finally went to my very first Japan Expo ! I had to meet Kawaii International's staff. To be honest I also couldn't wait to see all the amazing booths and meet all those new lolitas (since the lolita-events' schedule was empty on Saturday I was sure to meet a lot of them there~). I had to get up pretty early in order to dress up with the hottest outfit I could wear, haha. I should have worn something more summer-ish but I couldn't help but pick my chocolate-coloured JSK — that is clearly an autumn-winter JSK. 

(Ludo and Marie, my two guinea pigs friends, for this funny, amazing but also tiring and crowded day)
Faith and motivation. It is what you need on a Sunday Morning to go to a Japan Expo. 

We took the subway, it was one-hour long to the Parc des Expositions ! I didn't know it was so long (;__;) And the waiting line in order to enter was even longer... Anyway, it's always a great time with great friends  As soon as we were in, we went to Kawaii International booth (well... after we finally found it, we were kinda... lost among the booths) : we couldn't wait to meet Minori again ! I was glad Marie and Ludo could meet her, she's such a sweet girl. I saw a looot of people taking pictures with her, she's even more famous than I thought~ 

After taking those pictures and talked to Kawaii International's staff, we went through the crowd in order to go to the Jeunes Créateurs side. On our way to the already famous LunieShop's booth I had the pleasure to meet great people, as Ann-So and Vief that I couldn't wait to meet !! I've been spying on their coordinations since a long time, and talked with them sometimes through their blog or Tumblr. They were even sweeter in real life. 

Ann-So and Vief were twinning in Sugary Carnival, how cute ! 
I also met some very cute alpacasso~

 We finally reached Lunieshop's booth ! I couldn't wait to see again Tiya and Tro-tro, it's been a long time we hadn't seen each other. Plus, it was a real pleasure to meet new girls, as Lunie, Sandra or Kitch. No doubt Lunieshop was one of the best booth of the Japan Expo 2013. It came as a breath of fresh air since Laforet is coming anymore to Japan Expo : japanese brands, cute booth, great prices and lovely shopgirls ! 

Overview of the booth. Doesn't it seem adorable ? ♡
Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, fake bangs and hair accessories ! The shop's stock seemed endless.
Hats, berets and more accessories. Bara Hime's hats were clearly my very favorite
I wish I could have bought a lot more at Lunieshop's booth, it was incredible. I was interested in some dresses (especially the Vierge Vampur's Meal Time JSK), wigs and accessories. However, my wallet was nearly empty for this week, I really couldn't buy a lot. In fact, I shouldn't even have bought something ! I swear those shopgirls were amazing... Though I did my best, avoiding purchases, I couldn't resist anymore... You will see my lovely purchase in the next part of my Japan Expo's reports ! 

Last but not least, I will end this first part with the snapshots (or trying-to-be snapshots) of Saturday's Lunieshop's team. They were so busy I couldn't bother them a lot — I wasn't even able to picture them all— I hope you can still enjoy the awesomeness of their outfits !

Left : Sandra in her adorable outfit ! I really was in love with her earrings.
Right : I loved Tro-tro's outfit ! She rocks so well the lavender/purple shade ! 
Left : Tiya and I, how cute she was. I was so happy to see her again ♡
Right : Zoé and her lovable bunny ears, I can only do approve !
Left : Lunie herself, I really loved her outfit. Tank top and hair tied back are perfect for Japan Expo !
Right : Bloody and Lou, both rocking country lolita.

Thank you for reading, hope you liked it ! ♡ 
See you soon for the second and last part of my Japan Expo's report, featuring amazing meetings, 
Sebastian Masuda's conference, Neb aaran do's booth and bunny hats *(*´∀`*)☆