Saturday, March 30, 2013

Force bleue !

Saturday 10th April, I went to another meet-up with my friends. Well, maybe I can't call it a lolita meet-up since it's informal, it's more like a casual outing with friends ! Since Sam couldn't attend to the Baby the Stars Shine Bright's Tea Party (she's the real working girl among us), we decided to lunch together, then go to Ladurée for tea-time and spend all day together : it was our little tea party just for her ♥ This Saturday's theme was "blue".

We went to the Bonaparte Ladurée, this one is on the south side of Paris. I think it really is my favorite one : it's not as crowded as the Champs-Elysées Ladurée and, in my opinion, the atmosphere and decorations are way better than in the Royale Ladurée. There is one room on the ground floor, with an asian colonialism atmosphere and second one, upstairs, with a blue theme — what a great coincidence the waiter made us seat in this one !

After our little tea-time (well, a tealess tea-time for me), we walked around Paris, enjoying the oh-dear-so-great-weather ! We were lucky, I can't say we're currently having a nice spring in Paris, but the saturday was really sunny. An ideal weather in order to take some photographs around one of the many parisian bridges and also around the Louvre

Sam is wearing : Dress : BtssB — Headbow : AatP — Shoes : Nacre Poudré
Ludovic is wearing : Coat : Black Peace Now — Blouse : Theatr'hall
Vest & Pants & Shoes : Vintage and offbrand
Marie is wearing : Hat : Foxcherry — Dress : Moi-Même-Moitié — Shoes : An*tai*na shoes
They are so elegant, aren't they ? I really loved this theme ! We all wore different styles with the same main colour (well... none of us actually had the same blue shade). The Louvre was a really beautiful place to take pictures, the luminosity was soft and perfect. Samantha had already done some pictures at the same place for her own blog, so she thought it would be a great idea to do the same with us — and she was right.

I am wearing : Dress : Angelic Pretty — Blouse : BtssB — Shoes : Monoprix
Bag : New Yorker — Hair accessories : H&M — Thigh highs : offbrand
The Sheep Garden Tiered JSK is the only blue dress I had. I was thinking to sell it, but finally... wearing it made me remember how much I love this dress. Plus, it's super cute for spring and summer ! I can't coordinate this dress with too much accessories and details, it's so soft and cute, I love matching it with natural colours for a sweet look.

This was again an amazing afternoon, we had so much fun. At the end of the day, my feet hurt as hell — I still love those shoes, they don't hurt me enough to not to wear them anymore — but my stomach was full with pastries and sweets, so I guess I could handle that. I really enjoyed that Saturday, I wish I could do that more often ! Unhappily, Samantha had to get home earlier than us and after some sweet goodbyes we finally decided to end the night at Kawaii Cafe.

During the evening, a televsion crew from NHK World went to shoot at Kawaii Cafe, that was quite a surprise since we didn't know about it, but a really funny surprise. They filmed the bar and the customers, and we also got caught up : that was a very entertaining evening. I'll try to know what is the name of the TV program that they recorded and watch it on NHK World channel when it will be on air.

They asked us to write down a word that could describe Paris.
I don't exactly remember what Marie and Ludo wrote. Maybe something about love or fashion ?
Since I was working at Kawaii cafe as a maid during some months
I finally chose to do a "Oishiku nare ♥ Moe Moe Kyun !". I can't get enough of doing it, haha.
That's it for today ! See you soon my lovely readers
Itterashaimase ojousama (≧▽≦) (since I don't think there is a lot of boys reading my blog)

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