Friday, July 12, 2013

Le Piano dans le ciel

Hi lovely readers ! How are you ? I've been so busy with the lolita events. However it was an amazing week, everything went so fast and so nice, I wish it could last a little longer (though my tiredness was hardly bearable after the last day). A lot of posts will coming soon ! I can't wait to show you everything, I hope you will enjoy my articles as much as I enjoyed being there. 

To begin with I share with you some picture of my thursday's coordination. I really wanted to wear (again) my Misty Sky JSK, I really can't get enough of it... But I also wanted to add so sweet and cute elements, in order to create something very Angelic Pretty-like. A cute bag and a matching necklace, some tea parties on my feet and a bow in my hair, that was what I needed !

Comment allez-vous ?~ J'ai été si occupée entre le stage et les events lolita, mais je reviens, pour votre plus grand plaisir (et plus forte que jamais = a.k.a. avec un nouvel appareil photo). Les events étaient juste géniaux ! J'aurais bien aimé que cela dure un peu plus longtemps encore (même s'il ne faut pas se leurrer, mon corps n'aurait pas tenu 2 jours de plus avec aussi peu de sommeil, haha~).

En attendant le tri, le recadrage et la retouche de mes photos (ce qui prend du temps, mine de rien), je partage avec vous ma tenue de jeudi dernier. Je sais que je porte la Misty Sky presque une fois sur deux, mais cette robe est si belle, je ne peux pas m'en empêcher. 

I am wearing : Dress, bow ang bag : Angelic Pretty — Blouse and cuffs : Baby the stars shine bright
Shoes : Offbrand  — Thigh highs : Oysho — Necklace : Offbrand

At the end of the day, in front of the Kawaii Café with Marie, Aliénor and Ludovic
As you can see, I changed my hair color ! What do you think of it ? A talented friend, Mathilde, did it for me. She did some hair stylist studies and her own hair was always so amazing that I could only ask her. She did a better job than any of the hairdressing salons I went to (and it's been now more than a week that I did it, added with several hair washings) ! If, by the way, you're living in Paris (or near Paris) and you need some help with a hair color you've always wanted, I can put you in touch with Mathilde.

That Thursday was maybe exhausting but still an amazing and unforgettable day ! Can you guess why ?... Let's have some clues : I was with someone very special ! Sharing an unique experience ! I guess you all know that "someone"~ If you have any idea of what I did or who I was with, share it with a comment. The answer will come soon...  

Whose glove could it be ?


  1. Idk idk.

    Et cette robe, et cette tenue *^* C'est toujours si doux et raffiné !
    (Oh et j'aime cette photo de groupe, on voit distinctement deux clans; ceux qui se composent dès que l'on prend une photo, et... Les autres...)

    1. jcndzikncjkzcn. <3

      Merci tout plein~ (Oui, je fonds toujours quand tu me fais des compliments, que veux-tu <3)
      (Faut dire que nous n'étions pas tous partis dans la même idée photographique, il vaut mieux parfois se concerter 8D)

  2. Ta tenue est superbe, j'admire comment tu portes AP avec une telle élégance!
    Tu étais vraiment trop trop choue quoi, je fonds *A*

    1. Merci beaucoup Sam-sam <3 Tes commentaires me vont toujours droit au coeur *^*

  3. I saw it on Kawaii.i's FB! You got to meet Minori-san! So awesome!

    1. Thank you for your comment and time !
      Minori-san was so nice~ I hope you will be able to watch the Kawaii International episode we will be featured on : it will be aired on August 31st~