Monday, August 18, 2014

From London to Paris

Kyra and Dom went to Paris in order to celebrate Kyra's birthday, how great is that ? And what a romantic and sweet gift ♡ I haven't seen her since April so it was a good opportunity to meet her and enjoy the day in Paris. I was so hungry I totally forgot to take decent pictures in Ladurée, what a shame ! Our table was filled with sweet and delicious treats~~ After the brunch/tea time we went to Jardin des Tuileries and Louvre in order to take some pictures and hang around in one of the most beautiful place of Paris.

Two opposite understanding of "coordination' pictures !"

Oh my fluffy little thing ♡
I am wearing : Dress, bag, headbow : Angelic Pretty — Necklace : Q-pot
Blouse, socks, shoes : Btssb — Glasses : H&M

I really really wanted to wear my Angelic Pretty Pretty Girl pink coat : I've waited for so long to finally find it at a decent price ! But it seems it can't get enough cold to wear it... (Am I really saying that right now ? That is not cold enough ?...). Anyway, I still decided to wear to coordination I wanted to wear with that coat : sweet with a twist of classy style
~ I really can't stop wearing high heels with lolita : Btssb shoes are perfect for this ! The transparent socks and the vanity bag really helps in getting a madame style, don't you think ? And speaking of classy style...

Dom and Kyra are just so cute. Always. What a lovely couple ! Can I ship them ?

Kyra was just as beautiful and elegant as usual ! I love red/bordeaux colours on her and she is always wearing gold accents — which I do adore. Her coordination reminded me how much I needed those Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes : they are so delicated and perfect for lolita, in should buy them in nude and pink~

It was raining all week so we were a bit afraid of what would be happening but we were lucky enough to have a hot and sunny weather. So sunny that it seemed like all Paris was outside, sunbathing in Jardin des Tuileries~ All those people in the pictures' background ! Though the hotness and the crowd we enjoyed the day talking in Louvre and fantasizing about our future Lolita's School of Frilled Youngsters, some kind of mutant-lolita school established in Louvre musuem (doesn't it sound great ?). Lolita economy and prints classes, your inner sub-lolita style picked by the Sorting Hat and lolita ball at the end of the year. Doesn't it sound great ? My powers is being bald and in a wheelchair (basically : cosplaying Professor X), haha~ But no, really, if I had to choose I would go for telepathy or weather manipulation like Storm.

Welcome to the Lolita's School of Frilled Youngsters ! 
Obligatory tourist pictures

Didn't seem to but it was pretty windy sometimes. (need to learn about my weather manipulation powers)

Classy and lovely photographs are still my favourites, I couldn't help but put some of them in my article. I should print them and hang them around in my room, they make me feel so happy and joyful ! At the end of the afternoon, we discussed about lolita events and such (lolita events talks are important talks.) just before letting Kyra and Dom' go in order to spend another romantic evening in Paris ♡

See you soon my dear readers, so many posts are coming ! Can't wait to write everything down~


  1. Your pictures are so lovely~ And I am so in love with all of the outfits above lol
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  3. This is so cute ;3; Your style is amazing~<3 Thank you for sharing ^^
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