Sunday, October 13, 2013

Opening : Anecdote — axes femme in Paris

Note : cet article est en Anglais, si vous souhaitez lire la version française:  cliquez ici (ゝ。∂)

Developed and designed throughout the year, the Parisian Axes Femme shop might not have been given as media coverage as a new lolita shop though it's still a very famous brand among young Japanese girls. The brand have been gaining in popularity since 2010 : chiffon fabrics, flower patterns, pastel and natural colors, between romantic and otome style. Axes Femme already pleases a large panel of clientele : lolita, mori, dolly, a lot of Japanese fashions' fans succumbed to Axes Femme's collections and it would not be surprising to see Parisian women do the same... 

Opening thursday 10th October 2013, Axes Femme Paris is really well situated : in the Marais' area, well-known for being the most-fashionable area in Paris ! Luckily, my university student's schedule let me be able to go there on the opening day~

The store is so roomy, way more roomy than I thought it would be : there is even a lower ground floor filled with amazing clothes ! Luminous place, beautiful floor, bouquets all over the place for the grand opening, Mucha tinted window glasses : the shop itself smells like Arts & Crafts and romantic style. It, for sure, does match well with the spirit of the brand. Thought I should say the "brands" since there not one but two brands within the shop ! How luck we are~

Axes Femme's collection were (and still will be) reinterpreted by a French stylist : the sizes and shapes are this way more adapted to European customers. It also feels like the spirit of this second brand, name "Anecdote" is more... Parisian (Japanese would love it ! haha~). Though, don't worry, we also have a large panel of Axes Femme's original collections : and I think it's still not easy to differentiate the two brands. 

Anecdote's knits and cardigans.
Mannequins showing both Anecdote and Axes femme's items
On the street level, you will find all the Anedocte's collection with some Axes Femmes' items, especially accessories, such as jewelries, bags, shoes, hats (but also some clothes). It's on the lower ground floor that you can see the all Axes Femme's collection : dresses, skirts, cardigans, sweaters and also — surprise ! — the Axes Femme Kids' collection ! I wouldn't have been thinking they would also bring the Kids' collection so I was happily surprised : you can now match your kid with your coordination, how great. The basement level is clearly more girly and cute but not to childish, that is perfect. And please, note cutest fitting room ever : there is a swing inside (though you shouldn't sit on it unless you're six years old... I tried.) !

The child sized swing : for an adventurous try-on
If you're worried about the prices : you shouldn't be ! There is not so much difference with the Japanese prices : from 10 to 25€ more, depending on how expensive the item already is. Prices are also the same for the Anecdote collection. Blouses, cardigans and light jackets between 49 and 150€, dresses, jumpsuits, shorts and skirts from 60 to 120€, less than 100€ for shoes and bags and less than 50€ for all accessories (jewelries, tights, collars, gloves, ...). Some coats and capes are already on the shelves, from 120 to 200€ if you're interested by one. I feel like the prices are pretty fair : a little more expensive, but with more originality, than Zara or casual European brands and clearly less expensive than Maje, Sandro or other usual Parisian brands of the Marais.

Let's now talk about the sizes, as I said before, they were readjusted for Europeans : this means we now have three sizes, S, M and L (unlikely the Japanese, that mainly have M size). Those sizes match perfectly the usual S, M and L size from the European fashion business : don't worry too much if the dress or the sweater seems pretty thin, a lot of items are smocked or stretchable. We also do have several sizes for children : from S to XL, that should roughly be from 6 to 10/12 years old.

Important note to know : the fur on cardigans and clothes are usually fake, but the accessories' fur is real (rabbit fur). Don't forget to check the composition before buying anything you wouldn't wear. 

Shoes are only available in M and L sizes (Japanese size), I think that might be the only neutral point of my review : we have, in Europe, so much more shoes size. Unfortunately I feel like the M size might be tight and the L size too big for a lot of girls. Though I hope this small problem will soon be rectified, this way every European girls will be able to put Axes Femme's shoes on ☆~(ゝ。∂)

Shop window's mannequins : my favorite one was on the left !
I hope you enjoyed that little walk all around the shop : I can only advice you to go as soon as possible in Anecdote — axes femme store ! Plus, I'm sure the shop girls will welcome you with pleasure, they are so welcoming and smilingヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ 

To conclude, a small selection a my favorite items of the shop — there were so many that was pretty hard to choose !  

Axes femme's shorts, already sold out in Japan — I can understand why.
The tights are so cute too : I'm so fond of the wine x gold one !
The winter accessories' collection is so delicate.
Fur collar, earmuffs and gloves, all available in three colors. 

Practical informations :

Anecdote — axes femme
47 de la rue des Francs Bourgeois,
75 004, Paris.

Open : Monday to Sunday
from 10:30AM to 7PM.

Thanks for reading ! I hope my post will bring you to Axes Femme's shop — at least to have a glance on the beautiful collections.


  1. Wow, the store looks great. I've never heard of the brands until now, but they look promising. You took so many pretty pictures that I don't know which outfit or piece of clothing is my favorite either. I like everything! And the children section is just too CUTE! I wish I was visiting Paris so I could see it for myself. I'm definitely a fan now. Hopefully, there will be international shipping. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Oh dear I would love to go here with you so you can show me all the pretty things! ;___;

  3. Beautiful blog, congratulations and beautiful photos ☺

  4. Oh my, do you know if they will open an online shop? I'd prefer to buy from the Paris store instead of the japanese one...

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