Friday, October 11, 2013

Purchases : Anecdote — axes femme Paris

Hi again my dear readers ! Last night's post was a review of the new Axes Femme shop in Paris ! But... It didn't show you everything... I swore to me I wouldn't buy anything. And now I feel like I'm so bad a keeping promises. Is that enough clue ? Haha~~ I left Axes Femme store with a shop-bag in my hands ! Though, don't worry too much I only buy one item ☆~(ゝ。∂)

Maybe not the fanciest purchase ever, but it sure is a useful one ! I needed some beautiful cardigans to wear with my otome and casual coordinations : I fall in love with this one. There were a lot of beautiful colours : the mustard, chocolate and cream ones held my attention. I finally picked the cream one, thinking that it would hopefully match with a lot of my items. The details are also so cute~~ The collar is detachable, so I can wear the cardigan without the collar and the collar all alone, perfect ! I've long time hesitate with some (real) fur collars in pink or cream, but maybe I will end up buying it also... In November or for Christmas ! I need now to save up money ! (´;д;`)

Aren't those little embroideries cute ? (´ω`♡)
A catalogue was also available at store ! The photographs are really beautiful and inspiring : it totally fits the Axes Femme's atmosphere. As some people asked for pictures of the catalogue, here they are — I don't own a scanner, I can only provide you photographs (;__;). It's also an Axes Femme catalogue, so that means there is still no official photographs of the Anecdote side. I hope we will get some soon ! 

This dress seems to be so beautiful 
The crown bad really reminds me of Btssb old bags !
One of my favorite look of the catalogue !
It's my cardigan ! The mustard is also great, isn't it ?
And the pink fur is so lovely ! It was the collar I was hesitating with (●´∀`●)
I really love this one too, especially for the wine x gold tights

(Only in French for now, will be available in English)


  1. Hnng hnng ce cardigan, mon dieu. Il est parfait, il t'ira parfaitement, bhbhbh.
    (Et merci pour ces photos de catalogue - finalement, ça rend bien mieux comme ça que si ça avait été scanné ♡)

  2. It's gorgeous! I wonder how you will combine it with a nice outfit ^_^

  3. Ce cardigan est parfait pour toi omg!!! Et on est twin, je l'ai pris en noir ;) !!

  4. Really cute items! I'm having to browse their their Japanese online shop now and admire, hah.