Friday, March 28, 2014

French Café opening ! And Garden Party coming ♡

As some of you may already know, I am a part of the Street Fashion Europe team (and very glad to be ♡), currently organizing Enchanted event (yaaay) ! Of course I'm not the only one French-speaking girl within the team, Lunie and Bloody are also working with us. This way, we decided to create French Café : a French-speaking association, affiliated with Street Fashion Europe (maybe we will soon host the next SFE European event, who knows ?!).

Joined by our dear friends and teammates, we are currently working on our first event (you can read more about it at the bottom of the post) ! Belgian, Swiss, French but also all European Harajuku fashions' lovers are welcomed 


French Café, French-speaking side of Street Fashion Europe is finally opening its doors !

French Café aims to be a sharing, helping and entertaining association about Harajuku and all its fashions. Knowing how to live and evolve with all styles and their new trends is one the strengths of French Café.

French speaking members of Enchanted's organizer team decided to bring together Harajuku fashions' enthusiasts within a friendly and joyful community. French Café's team will offer you a delicious menu, full of meet-ups, tea parties and various events and activities !

Please, take a seat outside, all our team, cooks and waiters, will offer you the best service ♡


Branche francophone et autonome de l’association européenne Street Fashion Europe, 
French Café vous ouvre enfin ses portes !

French Café est une association de partage, d’entraide et de divertissements autour d’Harajuku et de toutes ses tendances vestimentaires. Savoir vivre et évoluer avec tous les styles et leurs nouveautés est l’un des points forts de French Café.

Les membres francophones de l’organisation d'Enchanted ont décidé de regrouper les passionnés autour d’une véritable communauté Harajuku francophone conviviale et dynamique. Dans l’attente du prochain événement Street Fashion Europe, notre équipe vous proposera une délicieuse carte de meetings, Harajuku walks, tea parties, activités diverses et events en tout genre.

N’hésitez pas à venir vous asseoir à notre terrasse, notre équipe, 
qu’elle soit en cuisine ou en salle, vous offrira le meilleur des services ♡

French Café’s team is glad to invite you to its very first Garden Party !

On Monday, 7th of July 2014, we will host you from 1:00pm to 5:00pm in an enchanting domain, an island of greenery very close to Paris (the venue can be easily reached by underground/subway).

Join us for this Harajuku fans gathering! The mood will be friendly, flowery and entertaining. Our staff wants to give you the opportunity to share your passion with a fresh fruity cocktail (with the obligatory cocktail umbrellal), next to our big buffet full of pastries ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ

We will get to learn more about each others during this afternoon divided between innovating games and activities, and of course, plenty of prizes and raffles to satisfy all fashion tastes!

We are counting on you to show us your best summer outfits from all over Harajuku (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Take a spot in front of our ticket office before the sales opening, places are limited !


L’équipe de French Café est heureuse de vous convier à sa première Garden Party !

Le lundi 7 juillet 2014, nous vous ouvrirons nos portes de 13h à 17h, dans un domaine enchanteur, une île de verdure facile d’accès en bordure de Paris.

Rejoignez-nous pour une après-midi entre fans de mode Harajuku, dans une ambiance conviviale, fleurie et divertissante ! Notre équipe souhaite vous donner l’occasion de vivre un moment d’échange autour d’un cocktail frais (surmonté de l’indispensable petit parasol !), et de notre grand buffet de gourmandises ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ

C'est l'occasion d'apprendre à nous connaître grâce à cet après midi ponctué d’activités et de jeux innovants, et bien sûr de très nombreux lots pour satisfaire tous les goûts !

Nous comptons sur vous pour nous dévoiler les plus belles tenues estivales de tous les styles Harajuku (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Prenez vite place devant notre guichet avant l'ouverture des ventes, les tickets seront limités !

Thanks to Marie Tuonetar for her adorable illustrations. Isn't she super talented ? She is.


  1. Replies
    1. AND I AM SO EXCITED YOU'RE COMIIING. You will definitely love the event <3

  2. This event sounds soooo amazing and I really hope I have time on that day, because I will definitly travel to Paris just for it from Germany *__*

    1. Thank you so much Miuko <3 <3 I really hope you can come !

      We will gladly welcome all the lolitas from all over Europe (and worldwide !) I am so happy to see German lolitas coming <3 I know a lot of German lolitas are usually coming to Japan Expo and lolita events in Paris :D

  3. Ça a l'air super géniaaaaaal, j'espère pouvoir venir <3
    Et oui, Marie a beaucoup de talent o/

    1. J'espère que tu pourras venir également Clémentine ^0^ (Avec l'absence de TP de marque cette année... C'est un peu la loose de ne rien faire pour les lolitas :( Alors ON VA SE BATTRE JUSQU'AU BOUT POUR UNE GARDEN PARTY DE FOLIE è__é <3)

      Et je suis sûre que Marie sera très heureuse de lire ça <3

  4. This sounds so wonderful, I so wish I could go!!

    1. I wish you could go too ;___; America is so far away though... Please come to Europe soon <3

  5. Oh, that sounds like a lovely event <3 I wish I could take part but sadly I´m a few days too early back home. Nevertheless I´m looking forward to my vacation in Paris this June. Do you maybe have some insider´s tips wich cafés (besides Ladurée) are nice for lolitas?

    Best greetings, Mira :)

    1. Hello :D I'm glad you are coming to Paris during June ! That's a lovely season to come visiting Paris.

      I was indeed thinking about some tips about places to go as a lolita, I will surely do this kind of posts in May, please, stay tuned <3

    2. Thank you :) I´m really excited. My last visit in Paris is much too long ago. I´ll stay tuned. Your blog is very nice and interesting^^.