Tuesday, February 25, 2014

EGL : January and February monthly themes !

Hello dears~ How are you ? I'm having a holiday break and while I was supposed to study, I'm currently not studying at all (yay !), taking time photographing outfits, blogging, watching tv shows, rolling desperately on my floor, some fun stuffs. I swear I'm going to study, starting on Thursday, that's good day for studying.

While usually I don't take part a lot in EGL monthly themes, I feel like the past two months' themes have been very funny to do. January theme is, like usual, wardrobe theme ! I did it last year (with very crappy pictures.) but wasn't really happy about it. I took a looot of time this January, I posted late, but at least I'm happy about it. I'm not going to post it again on my blog since it was already a pain to upload and lay out every pictures on LiveJournal. But if you are curious to watch it, please follow this link (or click on the picture above, because I'm such a talented blog-designer)♡

Let's talk about real business. February's theme was Dress me up !

« We've all had a day (or two, or twenty) where we just can't seem to come up with a perfect coordinate and longed for a lolita stylist. Well, it's time to change that, and let a member of EGL dress you up! Share your closet and wait for one of our fashion-forward members to come up with a stunning coordinate for you. We'll do a big reveal post at the end of the month for all participants to share their amazing coordinates! »

Doesn't it sound fun ? I was paired up with Rie Chan, a lovely classical-gothic lolita from Antwerp (I think so ?). Out respective styles aren't the same, I think it's part of the challenge — and also big part of the fun. I told her it seems difficult to do another style than sweet lolita with a wardrobe like mine, so she came up with a gothic inspired coordination using sweet/classical items ! What a clever idea~ 

I am wearing : Dress : MILK — Blouse : Angelic Pretty 
Headdress, bag, socks : BtssB — Vest : AatP — Shoes : André

What do you think about it ? I haven't thought about putting my vest on a dress ! With the black blouse it's looking like I'm wearing the jacket, I really love the effect. More than a lolita outfit, it makes me feel about a classy-but-cute casual outfit ! 

Rie Chan also suggested a second outfit. Sweeter, it really matched my usual style. I guess she guessed well the feeling of my wardrobe, haha~ It really could be an outfit I could wear casually. Well... I'm even pretty sure I've already worn this outfit, minus the blouse. I have to say the blouse wasn't really matching the whole outfit, but my wardrobe pictures weren't that clear about colours (and the blouse didn't really look like it has princess sleeves on the picture of my wardrobe post).

I now can't wait to see Rie Chan's outfit~ I did my best to match her wardrobe with some kind of classical-royal outfit in all bordeaux x cream colours. I will show you her outfit (or my outfit ? Don't know...) as soon as she posts it (and if she allows me to).

Time for bonus pictures ! Thank you for reading ! I will soon be back with the second part of Frock On's report and with some posts about (not so) mysterious but ultra-cute indie Japanese Brands !

Stay tuned (^_^)ノ

VOGUE ! Strike the pose !


  1. Oh oui la dernière. MA PRÉFÉRÉE.
    U cute little thing ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

  2. ohh cte coiffure double chignon est trop choute!! et je ne parle pas de cette tenue de fifou toute chocolaté pleine de détails et de rappel, chapeau *_*

  3. You are super cute! These outfits are so sweet! ^^ How did you do your hair for the first outfit? =O I love it!

    And the bonus pictures are the best, haha! XD

  4. Riechan here ;) (jup, I'm from Antwerp :D) It was very fun to play with your closet!
    Aaawwww you look super cute!!! That was the idea I was going for with the vest-blouse combination ^^
    For the sweet outfit, I thought the pink would fit with the pinkcolour of the pink boxes on the dress, I guess not :D
    I can take my pictures tomorrow! ^^ (I need some of your posing skills haha :D)
    This was such a fun theme! I hope they will do it every year!

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