Saturday, September 14, 2013

Convention : Convention Lolita 2013

Beautiful people. From left to right : Zoé, Ludo, Alienor, Diana, Lucie, Pom' and Marie.

Sunday 7th and Monday 8th, the Convention Lolita took place in 66Pelleport, Paris, for the fourth time ! Convention Lolita seems to always get better an bigger each year. That's a wonderful opportunity to meet new lolitas, see new lolita's collections or buy from European lolita shops. As it was my first year in Paris, it was also the first time I could attempt to Convention Lolita. Since I was queuing all day on Sunday for Perfume's concert, I was able to go at the conv Monday only. 

For those who don't know about, Convention Lolita is a lolita-centered convention, created by the French association Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban. Taking place in Paris since 2010, you will find there many booths from several brands (French and European brands mainly, some are resellers of Japanese brands), activities (such as accessories workshops, authors and illustrators' signing sessions, ..), fashion shows, concerts : a great schedule for two funny days around many lolitas from all over Europe ! If you're in Paris during the next edition of Convention Lolita you should totally have a look, that's a wonderful and joyful event. 

Crappy quality pictures in the backstage ! With Ann-So (left) and Zoé (right) 

Though I had such a great time I'm pretty sad to tell you that I can't properly report the event, I was modeling for three brands during the fashion show so I spent most of my day rehearsing and sweating in the backstage (haha~) with Zoé and Diep, also meeting again such wonderful girls as Ann-So or Vief ! The fashion show was all perfect, I think everyone did a great job ! I was myself modeling for By Iza, Rose Berry and The Snow Field. It can be really stressful to switch from one outfit to another, but we had a great team to work with, everyone was ready in time. Here are some pictures of the fashion show (the outfits I wore and my personal favorites outfits).

Left : The Snow Field's outfit. Right : By Iza's outfit. Credit : Baragatti Guillaume
Rose Berry's outfit. Credit : Marie Tuonetar and Alienor
Clara Maeda's fashion show. Detail shots. Credit : Marie Tuonetar
Left : Lady Sloth's fashion show. Credit : Baragatti Guillaume
Right : Lusty'n'Wonderland's fashion show. Credit : Marie Tuonetar
Lusty'n'Wonderland's fashion show. Credit : Marie Tuonetar
Beautiful Hana, modeling for The Snow Field's fashion show. Credit : Baragatti Guillaume

There were such beautiful dresses, weren't there ? A lot of precious fabrics, such as velvet or embroidered chiffon, especially in Lusty'n'Wonderland and Clara Maeda's fashions shows, but also in some dresses from The Snow Field : isn't this sailor inspired dress so cute ? I can't show you all the fashion show since it was pretty long, but if you want to see more, don't hesitate to go on Convention Lolita's albums

Cleaning and tidying up the fashion show's backstage wasn't quick — finding my stuffs in the backstage room was also long, haha~ — so I ended up going back to the Convention pretty late. I hadn't a lot of time left to photograph all the booths and coordinations I liked. However I was happy to talk again with some people I met during Japan Expo or the BtssB Tea Party. I wish the Convention would have closed later, this way I could have been able to photograph everybody and every lovely booths (;___;) Though I now understand that's not an easy job to clean all the place ! (I stayed with Léonie, Diana and all the team to clean and tidy the place before having a drink with my two favorite Southern girls ♡). Since I wasn't able to listen to the showcases or able to do the workshops I now just can let you have a look to my favorite looks and booths of this Convention Lolita 2013 ! (⌒▽⌒)☆

Left : Saïna and her amazing coordination ! My favorite sweet lolita of the day ♡
Right : Spyro, a Russian lolita as beautiful as always ! She kept amazed me days after days during this week ! *^*

Left : Diep and I. I love taking selca with Diep, I now have a real collection of them !
Right : Marie was here too ! A pleasure to see her after Japan Expo~

Close-up of one of the Haenuli's print. I love the face of this cat  (*≧▽≦)

Claire and her boyfriend, behind their booth ! It was a lovely meet.
I wish I was able to talk with her more, she seems to be such a nice and kind girl ♡

Left : Tro-tro wearing a fabulous Pirate Lolita coordination ! This style suits her so much~
Right : Ann-So and Vied, rocking Fairy Kei. Aren't they adorable ? (*≧▽≦)

Ludo and Hitsu, lovely boys wearing dandy~~

Thank you for reading, hope you liked it ! *(*´∀`*)☆
Seen you soon for Frock On's and other lovely days' report ! 


  1. Oooh je suis touchée que tu aies eu une pensée pour moi pour cet article.
    Ce fut un réel plaisir de te rencontrer, bien que nous n'ayons pas vraiment eu le temps de beaucoup parler. J'espère que cela présagera d'autres occasions de nous voir et de mieux faire connaissance toutes les deux.
    Et Chéri et moi avons bien ri lors des répétitions pour le défilé avec ta bonne humeur. Je suis sûre que le salto avec grand écart que tu proposais de faire aurait eu un franc succès !

  2. You look so adorable ♥ ♥
    Everyone look amazing, I love seeing all the outfits :D

  3. This is one of the most creative conventions I have ever seen. The people have dressed themselves in different characters very creatively. Love the idea and overall concept. Pictures are very cool.